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Religious Education


Being a Catholic school, the Religious Education we provide conforms to the doctrines of the Catholic Church and its Trustees.  Religious Education is provided within the school day according to the approved syllabus 'Come and See' authorised by the Archbishop of Liverpool.

The mission of the school is to encourage 'everyone to live in the spirit of Jesus'. We interpret the Gospel as a basis for everyday living, with the school community contributing to the spiritual and moral development of the pupils as well as to the academic achievement.  Our faith permeates our school day.  Many opportunities are taken to allow children to reflect on and respond to the values, beliefs and practices of their own religion and that of others.  Children are taught to respect and be sensitive towards other people and their beliefs.

The Relationships and Sex programme is taught in Y5 and Y6. This area of the curriculum is currently under review.

As  the children reach age 8+ they will be given the opportunity to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion. These Sacraments of Initiation will be offered to your child in Year 4, when parents/guardians will be invited to work with the parish in preparing him/her to receive the Sacraments as part of the “With You Always” programme.

Key Stage 2 classes attend church on a rota with school masses being held for special occasions and at the end of each term in celebration of our learning.