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The aim of our Science teaching is to provide first hand learning experiences and to develop scientific knowledge of the physical world.

We feel that pupils achieve this by:-

  • learning about the world around them.
  • looking at materials, feeling them, talking about them and asking questions.
  • collecting things and sorting them.
  • trying things out.
  • talking about what they have noticed.
  • making things work.
  • trying to suggest explanations about why things have happened.
  • taking things apart and thinking about how they work.
  • testing out their own ideas or ideas suggested by the teacher.

We aim to increase pupils' knowledge by following a structured scheme of work and develop the skills, concepts and attitudes mentioned above by well-planned, practical experiences that allow opportunities to discuss and reflect on what they have learned.  

Our Science Principles

Explore, Engage, Enquire, Explain

  • To be good learners who join in and try our best.
  • To ask scientific questions.
  • To answer questions in different ways.
  • To look at evidence and make sensible conclusions.
  • To learn about different science topics, and to develop our scientific skills.
  • To complete our science work to the best of our ability.