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We enjoyed our Retreat Day in Nursery. We had a woodlands fire and made tasty s’mores. They were delicious! We also said prayers and sang songs around the fire.

Lest we forget…

The children each made a poppy to add to our river of poppies. We payed tribute to our fallen war heroes to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War.

We had a great time on the Big Red Book Bus. We saw lots of exciting, colourful, books and Mrs Clough read the story ‘There’s a Boy Just Like Me!’ It was a great story!

The children loved dressing up for World Book Day and helped ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ find her spots so that she could be happy again. The children were all so very helpful and kind.

We like to get messy in Nursery. We have been enjoying sensory play with lots of different materials like shaving foam, spaghetti, ice and our favourite MUD! We have been using words like ‘slimy, sticky and squashy.’

We have been keeping cosy and warm in Nursery around our Woodlands fire. We learned about safety around the fire. As we were so good we had a cup of hot chocolate and s’mores. They were delicious!