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Parental Views 2016 Foundation Stage

Is your child happy at school?

Did you receive sufficent information from and about the school before your child started school?

Do you feel that your child is making good progress?

Do you have enough opportunity to talk to

staff about you child?

Does your child feel safe in school?

Does the school encourage your child to be healthy?

Does the school give you enough information?

Does the school communicate well with you?

When you visit the school are you made to feel welcome?

If you had a problem do you feel you could

approach the school?

Do you feel that behaviour at school is good?

Do you feel that the school deals with issues such as behaviour and bullying promptly and appropriately?

Does the school have a caring attitude?

Does the school offer a range of extra curricular activities, clubs and trips to help motivate your child so they enjoy learning?

Does the school have a good reputation locally?

Do you feel the school is well led and managed?