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School Aims

To provide a curriculum which is varied, stimulating and challenging for all children.

This will be achieved by:

  • Effective, thorough planning which is reviewed and monitored.
  • Reviewing and monitoring our whole school approach to long term curriculum planning, ensuring continuity and progression.
  • Inclusive policy documents in each curriculum areas with agreed aims.
  • Differentiation and a variety of learning and teaching styles shown in weekly planning.
  • Effective use of ICT throughout the curriculum to stimulate and challenge children.
  • Involving children in the learning process, self assessment, peer assessment and involvement in the target setting process.
  • Thorough systems of assessment which informs future planning.
  • A variety of visitors/visits to enhance learning.
  • Effective liaison with external agencies to enhance the curriculum both within and beyond the school day.
  • Children to leave school literate and numerate and confident in a wide variety of skills.
  • Well trained staff with appropriate subject knowledge.