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School Aims

To encourage the personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of children within the context of the Catholic ethos, whilst nurturing a respect and understanding of other cultures and beliefs.

This will be achieved by:

  • Promoting a strong Catholic ethos throughout the school.
  • A high standard of RE teaching using the Come and See scheme.
  • Visits from other cultures/faiths to supplement the Come and See scheme.
  • Arranging child friendly church activities and services.
  • Regular Class and school Masses.
  • Providing high quality opportunities to engage in collective worship.
  • Openness and example set by staff; children able to see Gospel values in practice, through tolerance, forgiveness and honesty.
  • Cultural diversity reflected in planning, teaching, learning, the environment and resources.
  • Children to be made aware that they are valued within their Parish communities and encouraged to take part in the celebration of weekly Mass.
  • Encouragement of sense of responsibility within school and the wider community through fund raising for charities.
  • Positive reward system.
  • Good quality, well planned assemblies linked to the Come and See scheme.
  • Pupil involvement in school council, activity leaders, buddies.
  • Actively seeking to meet healthy schools standards.