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School Aims

To prepare children for their future, ensuring all meet their full potential through academic excellence and strong personal values.

This will be achieved by:

  • Effective links with external agencies.
  • Positive relationships between pupils/adults and pupils/pupils.
  • Reinforcing positive reward system.
  • Successes celebrated regularly.
  • Individual academic targets set and met.
  • Children involved in their own target setting/assessment.
  • Gifted and talented children provided for.
  • Groups at risk of underachievement identified, tracked and catered for.
  • Well trained staff with good subject knowledge.
  • Good use of support staff.
  • Additional/medical and pastoral needs catered for.
  • Good attendance and punctuality.
  • Strong PHSE curriculum
  • Encouraging and developing parental support and understanding of the curriculum.
  • Spiritual, moral policy in place.
  • Tasks well matched to ability.
  • Effective transition across the age phases.
  • Effective provision for all groups of children to remove any barriers to learning.
  • All staff and learning mentor work effectively with all children.