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School Aims

To provide a welcoming, caring and safe environment which enriches the spirit.This will be achieved by:

  • Greeting visitors with a smile.
  • Behaviour Management Policy based on positive rewards system shared with all stakeholders.
  • Staff and pupils treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • Opportunities for older children to help and support younger children.
  • Staff are approachable to parents and visitors.
  • Attractive, well maintained school grounds.
  • Good relationships amongst staff/pupils.
  • Health and Safety policy adhered to.
  • Safeguarding procedures in place i.e. child protection, anti-bullying, anti racism, equal opportunities.
  • Security policy in place.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to take increased responsibility (e.g. School Council)
  • Extra-curricular activities available, where children will be encouraged to work as team members.
  • Appropriate and effective safeguarding policies, procedures and practices in place across the school.